Who can sponsor a summer meals program? Units of local government, camps, schools, and private nonprofit organizations can sponsor the Summer Food Service Program. If your organization already provides services to the community, and has capable staff and good management practices to run a food service, you can sponsor the SFSP. As a sponsor, you will attend the Kentucky Department of Education’s training, locate eligible sites, hire, train and supervise staff, arrange for meals to be prepared and delivered, monitor sites and prepare claims for reimbursement.


How to Apply: To apply for the Summer Food Service Program or to learn more about SFSP, contact the Kentucky Department of Education, Division of School and Community Nutrition at (502) 564-5625 and ask to speak to an SFSP consultant about the program. You may also email the SFSP Manager, Mike Sullivan, at Michael.Sullivan@Education.ky.gov.

Click here to read the How to Become a Sponsor document from the Kentucky Department of Education’s website.

Click here to read the SFSP Sponsor Toolkit.

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Rockcastle Summer Meal 2015

How much reimbursement does the government provide? SFSP reimbursements are now based on the number of reimbursable meals served multiplied by the combined operating and administrative rate for that meal. See below for the maximum reimbursement rate per meal in Kentucky for the summer of 2016.

Per meal rates in U.S. dollars Rural or self-prep sites All other types of sites
Breakfast 2.1325 2.0925
Lunch or Supper 3.7450 3.6850
Snack 0.8875 0.8650