Kentucky-Grown Vegetable Incentive Program

The Kentucky-Grown Vegetable Incentive Program, also known as K-VIP, was established in 2018 to increase locally-grown fruit and vegetables in the Kentucky summer meals program and after-school meals program. For every one dollar spent, K-VIP reimburses 50¢. Reimbursements can be used to purchase more produce, buy equipment, pay staff  wages, help purchase vehicles for mobile meals, etc.

The Kentucky-Grown Vegetable Incentive Program is funded by the Kentucky Agriculture Development Board and administered by Feeding Kentucky.


KVIP reimburses sponsors for buying fresh fruits and vegetables from farms in Kentucky.

If you are a participating K-VIP sponsor you will need to:

  • Send the original receipts to Kentucky Department of Agriculture
  • Keep a copy of your receipts on file

New applications for the K-VIP program are currently open.

This program is a partnership with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture and the Kentucky Department of Education.