Summer is the most vulnerable time for food insecure Kentucky kids. Of the 500,000+ kids that receive free lunch during the school year, only 1 in 12 have access to a free meal during the summertime.

Kentucky schools and nonprofits need to serve 6.1 million additional summer meals to meet our goal.

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To meet this high need, we need to address barriers that keep kids from healthy meals:

  • Meal sites can be hard to reach. In some of Kentucky’s rural counties, meal sites are inaccessible for many kids. For others, sites may have limited hours and might not be open in extreme heat or bad weather.
  • We need to ensure every part of the state has a meal site that is accessible to children. That’s why KY Kids Eat supports mobile meals throughout the state.
  • We also need to advocate to lawmakers at all levels of government to improve and strengthen the summer meals program – removing barriers so we can reach more kids.